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Regener8 Power is very keen to hear the views of local residents
before it applies for planning permission.

A leaflet has been circulated to local residents and businesses, which can be accessed here.

Regener8 Power hosted a virtual public consultation webinar and Q&A session on: Thursday 25th March 2021 at 2pm.

You can view a video recording of the webinar and access the PowerPoint presentation on the Resources page.


Please also complete our feedback form to make comments on our proposals or to ask questions:

Feedback form:  Sedgeford Hall Solar Farm public consultation questionnaire

Thank you for your interest in the proposed Sedgeford Hall Solar Farm. Your views are important to us. We would be grateful if you could take a few moments to complete this short questionnaire and provide us with any comments you have about the project.

Has the information provided about the project (website / leaflet / webinar) been helpful in understanding our proposal?

How do you feel about the proposed plans for Sedgeford Hall?

What do you think the main benefit of Sedgeford Hall Solar Farm will be?

Do you have any issues with our proposed plans for Sedgeford Hall?

What are your key issues?

Would you like to be kept informed via email regarding this project?

Please use this space to add in any additional comments or questions you may have: